How it works

Fast Responses

Kelsey immediately reaches out

Your leads want a response now, not tomorrow. Kelsey will work within your existing property management software to immediately contact new leads.

"60X more likely to qualify a lead if contacted within the first hour."
- Harvard Business Review
Human-like responses

Kelsey talks to your leads

Kelsey answers questions in simple sentences. No one will know they are speaking to an AI.

Call follow-ups guaranteed

Actual people to do follow-up calls and texts

Sometimes your leads need better responses. If Kelsey can’t respond to something, our human team will pick up the conversation. Our team also guarantees 5 call follow-ups for each lead.

Regular Engagement

Kelsey follows up till a tour is scheduled

Kelsey follows-up 5+ times and reschedules every missed tour. She makes sure to maximize the value of every lead.

“80% of sales require 5 follow-ups.”
- Inside Sales

Before Zuma 🙁

Slow lead responses + irregular follow-ups

Too many unanswered emails, texts and calls from leads
No shows + Tour cancellations
Next day responses
No evening and weekend support

After Zuma 😃

Immediate engagement + automatic follow-ups

Handle high lead volume
Engage and text every lead
Answer every lead question (with Kelsey AI or our human team)
Reschedule every missed tour
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Our Customers Speak

Zuma has completely revolutionized my leasing team's lives. They now don’t need to spend every day trying to qualify leads from a large never-ending pile and can focus on giving a high-quality tour.

Director of Leasing, Marymount LLC.

Without Zuma and Kelsey, we were bogged down spending most of our days copy pasting follow-ups. Now we know every single lead is going to be followed up with and contacted.

Leasing Manager, Bellomy Communities

Before Zuma, one of the biggest problems we faced was having leads not show up to tours. Now with Resident Boost, we no longer have to waste time rescheduling tours.

Director of Marketing, Sunrise management

I used to spend a lot of time Emailing leads and messaging them back and forth about small things before they’d come in. At first I was unsure about this kind of product but I would NEVER suggest taking it away now, it brought me my last three new leases and they’ve been good tenants too.

Property Manager, Gateway apartments
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