VSC increases occupancy by 4% with Zuma

“Some of the biggest challenges we had before getting Zuma was staff not responding  to emails and SMS’s in a timely manner, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities. After Zuma, there was a huge increase in tours, applications and leases.”

Jeannie Werthman
Marketing Director, Villa Serena Communities
Increase in the # of tours scheduled
Increase in applications
Increase in leases signed


Villa Serena Communities manages 6300 units across 20 apartment communities in Houston. Zuma has helped Villa Serena Communities increase occupancy and guarantee 24/7 lead management.


Leasing agents not responding to leads

Villa Serena Communities would experience a large inflow of leads from a variety of different sources. Leads were queueing up and not getting attended to. Since VSC’s staff only worked from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, any inbound inquiry in the evenings and weekends were only attended to the next day or on Monday.

Before VSC met us, they were deciding on whether to cut down ILS lead sources because they felt there were too many leads to handle for their leasing agents.


VSC was up and running with Zuma in less than 1 week. Since they did not have to learn some complicated new software, onboarding was frictionless and seamless. Without putting in significant effort, Villa Serena Communities saw a massive increase in response rate. Instead of having to cut ILS lead sources, they were able to increase their rents and maintain a high inbound lead volume.


In the first 3 months, VSC was able to:

increase in leases signed
increase in tours scheduled
7 hrs/week
saved by leasing agents
increase in applications submitted