Marymount increases occupancy by 5% with Zuma

“My leasing agents used to spend a lot of time emailing leads and messaging them back and forth about small things before they’d come in. At first I was unsure about this kind of product but I would NEVER suggest taking it away now, it has brought my last three new leases and they’ve been good tenants too.”

Vik Bhagat
DIrector of Leasing, Marymount Apartments
3.5 min
Avg personalized first contact time
Return on investment
Decrease in no-shows


Marymount LLC manages over a thousand units across the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been in operation since 1995, and have been expanding with more properties under management. Using Zuma, Marymount has been able to streamline all of their tour scheduling and have decreased the amount of no shows.


Tons of no-shows and leads lost in the ether

Marymount had a limited amount of staff during the week and no leasing agents working on evenings and weekends. As a result, they were contacting leads late, and follow-up became the last thing the leasing team was able to do. Following-up, scheduling tours.

They had been finding it difficult to handle all their inbound leads. Following up, scheduling tours, and dealing with cancellations and no-shows became a nightmare. When a lead called after hours, the Marymount team had no way of tracking them and found it hard to find time to pursue these leads with all the other work they had to do. Marymount started to seek out a solution that would help improve their leasing.


Marymount signed up with Zuma and immediately saw a difference. Zuma automatically engaged their leads and scheduled tours. Zuma unlocked time for the Marymount team to focus on taking care of the building, the residents, and building strong physical relationships with prospective leads during an actual tour. Now, leasing agents didn’t have to worry about follow-ups and immediately contacting leads


In the first 3 months, Marymount saw:

10.6 hours
saved by their leasing agents per week
increase in occupancy
increase in # of tours scheduled
more leases signed